Monday, March 15, 2010

What is important?

A great deal of controversy has sprung up over the announcement made earlier this week by Dwight Blint and Jamie Giantonio. Dwight is intending to run for Chairman of the New Britain Republican Town Committee and Jamie Giantonio is planning on seeking the office of Vice Chairman. Central to this controversy is the fact that Dwight Blint was a registered Independent when he ran for Alderman at Large in the most recent election. Other criticism has been lobbed at Jamie, but Dwight has borne the brunt of the assault, having his character, his ability, and his integrity called into question.

What does it matter if Dwight has been a registered Republican for 20 minutes or 20 years?

I was unaware that there was some magical transformation that took place when you registered a party and that slowly over time as a registered Democrat or Republican you slowly morphed into a greater member of that party with stronger beliefs and convictions. I have been a Republican ever since I could register, my wife is an Independent. We both are fiscal conservatives and also socially moderate conservatives. Does party affiliation really change the substance of my character or that of my wife's?

Now, there are several valid criticisms that could be made against Dwight:

  • He has not been a member of many Commissions or Committees within the town.
  • He has not served in the capacity of Chairperson for any other body to my knowledge.
  • His political platform, while compelling, is unproven
These are criticisms that could be held against any newcomer to the City, and perhaps these criticisms are reason enough for some members to vote against Dwight. However, there are several skills that Dwight has that are very positive as well.
  • He is rather articulate and well spoken, he also has a good command of the written media
  • He has contributed a great deal to political commentary and discourse over the past year
  • His wife has ties to New Britain and he is looking to make this a home for him and his family
  • He is actively involved in the community, and while he may be a "newcomer" to politics he is more actively involved than some veterans
While some people may want to dismiss Dwight Blint out of hand I think he deserves consideration. I am not sure who I will vote for when the matter comes before the NBRTC. I plan on seeing who else is interested in seeking the position of Chairperson. I will not, however, treat Dwight's candidacy as a joke, he could serve rather well in the capacity of Chairperson. It will be interesting to see what happens at the election.

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