Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't Blame Islam

There is currently a huge debate over the "Ground Zero" mosque. I am sorry to say that on this issue the Republicans who are speaking out against it are so solidly in the wrong it hurts. The allegations that building this mosque is "gloating" or that they are being "disrespectful" to hallowed ground is nothing more than religious prejudice in the worst sense. As Americans we need to understand and respect the difference between Muslims and Terrorists. To assume that all mosques are recruitment and training facilities for terrorists is like assuming all Protestant and Catholic churches are recruitment grounds for the IRA.

Let us not forget that there were Muslims in the World Trade Center on the day of the terrorist attack. They died right alongside their fellow Christian Americans. Let us not forget the Iraqi Muslims who have served alongside our military in liberating and defending their own country from the same terrorists who attack our country. Let us not forget the Muslim Afghans who are serving and training with our military in Afghanistan to help fight terrorism in their own country. Al-Qaeda has killed far more Muslims than they have Christians.

Instead of opposing the building of this Mosque we have an opportunity to come together as a nation and deliver a solid message to the Muslims of the world that we understand as a country that there is a difference between Islam and Terrorism. We have a chance to show, once again, that our nation is a shining beacon of freedom. We have a chance to show that we are a nation of religious tolerance and understanding. Lets not squander this chance to be at our best by being at our worst.

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