Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a reputation!

I was talking with Candidate Phil Sherwood after the debate. I was curious about hearing more on his stance on education, he had commented on a study linking class size to academic performance. It was contrary to some other research I had read showing that the largest indicator of economic success was parent education and socio-economic standing. Our conversation expanded into areas such as the need for Magnet schools and was very interesting. However, at one point Michael Trueworthy, who is running for Alderman at Large came over and said to Phil something about how I was "video taping" him. Apparently Mr. O'Brien was so shaken after our last encounter that he has been warning other people about me.

Before I launch into a statement about Tim O'Brien please let me make one thing clear. I enjoyed my conversation with Phil Sherwood, while we may not agree entirely on issues of policy he was very polite, answered all my questions, and was extremely civil and informative.

Now for the rant.

Why exactly is Tim O'Brien afraid of being video or audio recorded while he talks with New Britain voters? On Saturday I didn't even approach Tim, I approached some of the people who were helping him campaign in my neighborhood and they brought me over to meet Juan Verdu.

[[Another aside: Juan Verdu is also extremely polite and well spoken as well as down to earth. I saw him again at the debate and he was very polite and asked me if I had any more questions. He was able to answer one question I had clearly and with a smile. He is a MUCH better man than the candidate he replaced.]]

So why doesn't Tim O'Brien want his comments publicized? It grated on me this evening especially as he spoke about how he believed in an open government and how he wanted to be there for the people. I am a voter and a tax payer in the City of New Britain, my wife and I are home owners. Why should he be worried that what he is saying to citizens is being recorded?

I just don't get it.

[[Final aside: I am sure that Michael Trueworthy was just looking out for Phil Sherwood or passing a message along from someone else. I hope that he isn't afraid of having his public statements to a citizen, tax payer, and voter on the record.]]

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