Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ward 3 Mailer!!

So, I finally got a mailer from the Democratic candidates for Ward Three. I was hoping to finally hear about Shirley Black and Silvia Cruz and what they have done for Ward Three and New Britain during their past two years on the Common Council.

I was sadly disappointed. Here is all the text from the mailer.

This Tuesday, November 3rd, we can make a real difference. 
Please vote for the Democrats on Row B.
Re-Elect Shirley Black & Silvia Cruz
Democrats for City Council If you need a ride to the polls, call XXX-XXXX
Shirley Black & Silvia Cruz ~ Democrats for City Council.
This Tuesday, November 3rd we can elect a great team for our neighborhood.
Re-Elect Shirley Black & Silvia Cruz
Democrats for City Council

Seriously. That was it. There was no listing their accomplishments, their abilities, their experience, their vision for a brighter future. I suppose they are step up from O'Brien who relied on misinformation and playing games with numbers. It does raise a great question, is it better to have an abundance of lies or a total absence of content? Both speak volumes to the character of the candidate.

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  1. Gotta love the latest O'Brien mailer. Rich Marzi has an axe to grind because he didn't get what he thought he deserved from Stewart. Andy Lesniak neglects to say he owns a SIX FAMILY on Booth St. His $1,000 increase spread over 6 families equals $167/year per family, or an extra $14/month per family! And he's complaining after the STATE MANDATE that Stewart couldn't control?? Ms. Garcia simply gets the facts wrong, since Mayor Stewart is also for magnet schools, which must be approved by the BOE (which turned it down last time). And Emma Pierce is completely ignorant, since O'Brien knew less about the state budget than I did when I spoke with him last fall! Do you have any REAL issues to run on, Mr. O'Brien??