Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mailings Two

Okay, I'm a bit more upset now. I've received several mailings from Tim O'Brien each one of them more negative than the last. The latest one really pissed me off. Implying that it is the Mayor's fault for taxes increasing when the mill rate has gone down repeatedly is such a cheap trick. He has really started to lose me as a potential vote, and I hate to say that because I like to give everyone a fair shake. I mean, even looking at the tax data from the last few years, sure, some people saw an increase, but the average increase was tiny! Multifamily homes are really the one spot that got hit, but that tax burden can be spread across several tenants, and considering those tenants all saw a decrease in their auto taxes because of the lower mill rate... I don't know. I just don't understand where Tim O'Brien thinks he is going to find a magic pot of money to pay for his promises of tax relief.

In contrast I've only gotten one Stewart mailing and it was 100% positive, I did not see anything negative about Tim O'Brien all I saw as the Mayor explaining his successes, like reduced spending, downtown development, the recycling program etc. And these are things I've seen happen and change in my few years in town.

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