Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One last thing! I promise!

This past Saturday I posted about my run in with O'Brien. During our conversation he had said he didn't mind answering any questions or doing an interview. (I'd post the video but at O'Brien's request I deleted it.) That evening I sent the following email to both Tim O'Brien and Tim Stewart:

Dear Candidates:

I'm writing to you, wondering if you would be interested in answering some questions for a candidate comparison that I would like to post on my blog http://1man1vote.blogspot.com/. I had the opportunity to talk to Tim O'Brien, and you had said if I had questions or wanted to interview you that you would be willing. I have not had the chance to request the same of Tim Stewart, but felt it would be only fair to offer both candidates the same opportunity. The interview could be conducted in person on video or via emailed responses to a series of 10 questions, 8 of the questions would be the same for each candidate and two of the questions would be specific to the candidate. Please let me know if you would be willing to answer these questions.


N. M******
Despite his promise to answer "any" questions I have or to take part in an interview I have not heard back from Tim O'Brien. Tim Stewart, for his part, has replied to my request and did so within a day. So much for "open government" and "clear communication."

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