Saturday, October 17, 2009

Talked to O'Brien

So I came home today and saw O'Brien and some people walking down the street. I took out my phone and went over and had it recording. I asked some pretty direct and hard questions. The gentleman with Tim was Juan Verdu. He struck me as VERY honest, he said that while taxes had gone up a bit he didn't mind paying them because they are important to pay for services. But he said it is everyone's fault when the taxes went up, the Mayor, the Council, and the State. I liked his honesty.

However, afterwards Tim O'Brien physically grabbed my arm and confronted me about my camera! I understand him wanting to know if I was recording, but he could have just asked me! Oh well. He told me that if I contacted him he'd be glad to do an interview, so we'll see what happens when I contact him. I'm also going to see if I can talk to Mayor Stewart, perhaps I can get him to also answer some questions and then post both the interviews or responses here.

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